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The key to successfully completing a fit-out project is a solid plan. At ILNEDRO, we actively participated in regular coordination meetings, supervised the archiving process of incoming project documentation, and monitored the progress of the work according to the established schedule. All documentation was systematically reviewed for compliance with applicable regulations. Through regular site visits, we tracked the progress of the work and continuously assessed its quality.


Considering the experience, professionalism, and market insight that Walter Herz is known for, we regard the collaboration on this project as a particular honor.



The spatial layout of the Walter Herz office has been adapted to the company's current work mode. In the entrance area, there are three glass-walled meeting rooms, including one large conference room. Beyond these, you enter a well-lit open-plan office area with natural daylight and a kitchen. Noteworthy are the podcast room and the multifunctional auditorium located at the back of the layout—an adaptable meeting space with comfortable sofas and armchairs, separated from the open space area by a soft theater curtain.


The detailed design and implementation of the arrangement were handled by Neo-świat 2.0, a company that rose to the challenge, completing the construction work on time and with due diligence.

The new Walter Herz office is located on the 26th floor, offering a breathtaking view of the city's skyline. Upon arrival, the first thing that catches the eye is the tastefully designed guest area, which includes an entrance hall combined with a waiting area and conference rooms. There is a lot of wood, a large original painting fills the wall, and a cozy sofa awaits guests in the waiting area. All of this creates a multidimensional effect, making you feel somewhat at home, in a café, or in a hotel lobby. This effect is fully intentional, as the company represents every segment of the commercial real estate market. The architectural design was handled by a team consisting of architect Magdalena Majerowska-Pukacz and designers from the Helikon, who were responsible for the conceptual interior design, while the client's side was represented by Partner/Board Member Magdalena Zagrodnik. The architects listened to the tenant's needs and designed a modern office space fully tailored to individual requirements.


The interior design reflects the values of Walter Herz and highlights its distinctive features – courage, strength, quality of services, and a strong focus on relationships, which translates into the coziness of the interiors. From the threshold, we see a decisive color scheme. Dark colors are alternated with light ones. Black appears on most walls and open ceilings. White is present in most furniture, cabinets, and desks in the open space. Light gray is mainly used for chairs, carpets, ceiling acoustic panels, and wallpaper in the conference rooms. Sharp colors of green, turquoise, and gold dominate the soft sofas and freestanding furniture, as well as the paintings that complement the overall visual concept. The appropriate combination of colors, natural light, and the use of elements characteristic of the hotel sector or home, such as decorative lighting with a warm light color, curtains, mirrors, a large amount of wood, and greenery in the office – all contribute to making the interior exceptionally cozy and relaxing. The quality of the space is palpable through the use of materials with enhanced properties, including a high sound absorption coefficient.

At the beginning of 2024, we completed a project that was particularly important to us.


Walter Herz, a widely recognized company in the commercial real estate market that provides strategic and comprehensive advisory services to tenants, investors, and property owners, decided to entrust ILNEDRO with cost and construction consulting and support for the implementation of their new headquarters in the Warsaw Trade Tower building in Warsaw.


The new headquarters is distinguished from the start by its prestigious location. The Warsaw Trade Tower office building, located at 51 Chłodna Street in the Wola district of Warsaw, is among the tallest buildings in Poland. The office building, owned by Globalworth, impresses right from the entrance with its monumental multi-story lobby in a light color scheme with elements of teak wood.

Walter Herz Office


Location: Warsaw Trade Tower, Warsaw Trade Tower, Chłodna 51 Street

Year: 2024

Area: 285 sq m


HELIKON TWORZYMY IDEALNE BIURA S.A., Magdalena Majerowska-Pukacz