We have also prepared an analysis of the strength and scope of the impact of the investment "Research and Development Center for Laboratory Services in the Area of Drug Discovery and Development Selvita S.A." on the neighboring plots owned by the client based on checking the construction design and its comparison with the current regulations and legal conditions. ongoing supervision over the condition of adjacent areas and installation infrastructure.



This year, work related to cost estimates - their analyzes, verifications, preparation or value engineering - took us a lot of time, but we immodestly admit that we like such tasks very much. One of them was to provide support for IMPEL S.A. in the implementation of the fit-out works of a new office in the ZITA office and service building in Wrocław. We carried out cross-industry "value engineering", which allowed for the selection of the most optimal design solutions. In addition to the cost estimation work in this project, the scope of ILNEDRO also included technical and less-wast advice and consultancy.



We have also prepared studies for individual clients, which included, among others, verification of the correctness of project documentation, analysis of the strength and scope of the investment's impact on the environment or analysis of spatial development plans. We prepared material for legal analyzes and pleadings in the field of construction law and technical conditions.



The icing on the cake was the participation, at the invitation of Saint-Gobain and the Polish Gypsum Association, in the work on a pioneering development of Polish National Contractors Estimator for drywall systems. We treat the work on this project as a great honor and ennoblement.




We would like to thank all our clients for their trust!



We also carried out a comprehensive cross-industry audit of the technical condition of the building owned by SAS Institute at 27/31 Gdańska Street in Warsaw. The performed technical audit defined the recommended actions, thanks to which it was possible to improve the safety and comfort of the building users.




The year 2021 has been for us a time of intense but also diverse work. We operated in various fields and scopes of construction. Below is a short summary of the most important and interesting projects of the past year and especially for statistics fans: the numerical statement 😊


How was 2021 in numbers?


  • ILNEDRO operated in 7 7 cities, including 4 voivodeship cities
  • we had 728 meetings (82% online)
  • we verified 85 cost estimates
  • we supported 8 corporate clients & 8 individual clients




We supported Ringier Axel Springer Polska in the implementation of the fit-out of a new office in Krakow in the V.Offices building. If you find it interesting, read more here.

The scope of the work entrusted to us was very extensive, while the client's satisfaction, references and the final visual effect prove that the task was very well done.