Photos by Kinga Skalik.

Since we are talking about ecology, it is worth outlining the actions taken by GetResponse and ClickMeeting in cooperation with Designers, so that the process of creating and furnishing the office is respectful of the environment:


  • a significant amount of furniture from the existing offices was recovered and reused; elements of the equipment have been renovated and upholstered so now we can admire them in a completely new version,


  • when purchasing new equipment and finishing materials, the possibility of recycling the materials from which they were made was taken into account,


  • wall and ceiling acoustic panels were made of recycled PET bottles,


  • when it was possible local suppliers of services and equipment were engaged in the project.



And where is ILNEDRO in the whole process?


From the big bang… that is, from the very beginning 😉


We started with site visits and verification if the building's standard meets the tenant's needs. We provided opinions on the contract between the tenant - GetResponse - and the General Contractor, Torus, the owner of the building. We has also taken on ourselves the main burden of project organization. We have prepared a material specification, which allowed us to precisely define the technical and material solutions that should appear in the project to meet the highest standard. We analyzed the architectural concept in technical and functional terms. Thanks to this already at the earliest design stage, the Investor could take actions that resulted in a reduction of project costs. After the General Contractor presented the cost estimate we verified it and proposed a multi-discipline value engineering. After being introduced value engineering allowed us to stay within the adopted budget while maintaining the architectural vision prepared by the Designers. During the implementation, we have carried out ongoing technical supervision and continued to support the client in scheduling, cost and project organization issues. We have participated in the final acceptances and have taken part in the procedures for verifying the removal of defects. We completed the project by supporting the client in settling additional works, signing acceptance reports and verifying as-built documentation.


We thank GetResponse and ClickMeeting for the opportunity to work on this unique project in such a well-coordinated team. It is all the more pleasing that the effect of many months of hard work really makes a "WOW" impression. 😊



Walking through the corridors of the office, we notice recurring themes that begin to create a coherent whole in our imagination. Everything is somehow related to outer space. Individual rooms, depending on their function, took on the names of planets, stars, constellations and explorers.


The gradient finishes of the walls of the rooms for individual work, the focus rooms, bring to mind sunrise and sunset, which are the boundaries between night and day. Climatic decorative lighting is provided by sconces in the form of plafonds depicting moons and planets. The described themes, however, do not stand out in the foreground. They are a delicate background for cozy interiors in warm colors filled with natural, often ecological materials and ergonomic furniture.

Leaving the elevator hall through the main entrance to the office space, we experience the effect that everyone wanted - the "WOW effect". The first thing that catches our attention is the accumulation of greenery in the form of a green wall with the logo of both companies. Hanging pots with a mirror bottom reflecting the surroundings enhance the impression of overwhelming vegetation. It is worth stopping for a moment at the green wall, which is distinguished by its multi-species and soilless cultivation method - hydroponics. Hydroponics makes planting possible on a medium made of a solution of specially selected mineral salts.


This is not the end of the surprises, however. Turning around, we experience another "WOW effect" when we see a mural by Krik, an artist whose works in the form of caricatures and comics can be seen on the walls of Tri-City and in fact worldwide (from Berlin to Taiwan) However, we will not cover this work with one look because the mural is over 32 meters long!

Two wings of the building are individual office spaces for GetResponse and ClickMeeting employees. They have been organized to match the working style of each company and offer space for artistic expression using their own brand identity design.

The combination of two thriving Polish companies from the IT industry in one office space may surprise and wonder unless...

they are GetResponse and ClickMeeting, connected not only by the founder and owner, Szymon Grabowski, but also from December 2022, a shared office in the NEON building, in the Alchemia Business Center in Gdańsk.



It must be admitted that the project team from Workplace/Torus faced a real challenge: how to create an office space that, on the one hand, connects people and fosters integration, and on the other, emphasizes the individual character of each company and offers dedicated work zones.

Although the final verdict belongs to the employees of GetResponse and ClickMeeting, according to ILNEDRO this effect has been achieved!


The central part of the storey, shaped like the letter "H", is a networking shared area with a reception and access to a social room. After all, there are not too many places better for a morning chat than nearby the coffee machine 😉 Here employees can also use fridges regularly replenished with groceries and snacks. If someone prefers to enjoy some black coffee in a more intimate group, they will certainly find a place for themselves in one of several smaller coffee point annexes located on the office space.

GetResponse & ClickMeeting  Office in Gdańsk


Location: Alchemia Business Center - NEON, Grunwaldzka 413, Gdańsk, Oliwa

Year: 2022

Area: 2 800 sq m

Concept Design: Workplace

Design&build: Torus