Photos by Fotografia Kinga Skalik.

The quality of office space is not solely indicated by visual aspects. Elements that are not immediately visible are no less important. Specialists from ILNEDRO meticulously supervised the process of modernizing building installations and ensuring their compliance with applicable regulations.


Understanding the significance of acoustic comfort resulted in the use of specialized materials and strategic spatial planning to ensure optimal sound management. This was made possible, among other things, by using gypsum board partitions with enhanced acoustic parameters from floor to ceiling construction. Suspended ceiling panels, soft floor coverings, greenery, and careful selection of soft furnishings - all contribute to creating an environment conducive to concentration, open communication, and unhindered collaboration.


The collaboration between the ISON Care team supported by ILNEDRO and the construction team from Monter was a key element in the project's success. Clear communication, a shared vision, and active problem-solving facilitated the project implementation process. We greatly value this fruitful cooperation and look forward to working in such a spirit on future projects.




The upcoming shift towards hybrid work models required office space that could effortlessly accommodate both in-person and remote work. Both the investor and the designer adopted a creative approach to maximizing the use of space and resources available. Numerous pieces of furniture from the existing office were repurposed, fitting seamlessly into the refreshed environment. Noteworthy is the zoning of space through the use of unconventional carpet tile layouts with non-standard module shapes of 100 cm x 25 cm. They allowed for the implementation of a classic herringbone pattern, achieving a unique effect that distinguishes this space. It's worth noting that this approach did not require additional financial investment. This is an excellent example of how resourcefulness can contribute to achieving impressive results without incurring excessive costs.


Finding a balance between modern aesthetics and comfort was another key design principle. The interiors were designed to evoke a sense of calmness, using a muted color palette, natural materials, and abundant natural light. The introduction of architectural concrete elements and wooden slats added a touch of sophistication while creating a peaceful atmosphere that enhanced concentration and well-being.

In today's dynamic business world, flexibility and innovation play a crucial role. ISON Care, a multi-specialist company providing high-quality services in assistance, claims handling, call center, faced the challenge of modernizing its office space to adapt to the evolving work landscape. Collaboration with ILNEDRO on this project was established during the implementation stage and included technical and cost advisory services, as well as design support in selecting finishing elements.



One of the key factors that influenced ISON Care's decision to remain in the Sienna Center office building was its location. Situated in the heart of the city, between Sienna, Twarda, Złota, and Żelazna streets, the office is perfectly connected, and employees appreciate the convenient commute to work.


ISON Care Office in Warsaw


Location: Sienna Center, Warsaw

Year: 2023

Area: 592,6 sq m

General contractor: Monter Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Design: Pracownia Architektury Adrian Górecki

Investor: CA Immo Real Estate Management Poland Sp. z o.o.