The tasks of ILNEDRO included, among others, the development of the industry specification constituting an appendix to the architectural concept developed by the Workplace design studio. The specification clarified the client's expectations as to the type and quality of the solutions used, enabling general contractors to make a precise valuation at the tender stage. A clearly defined scope of works and solutions allowed for a reliable comparison of offers. Specialists from ILNEDRO provided support to the client in the verification of cost estimates presented by the bidders and participated in negotiations of more favorable prices. Then came the so-called Value Engineering, a method of cost and solution analysis that leads to the most optimal project solutions. The result of the agile tender procedure was obtaining significant savings for our client.





The key to implementation is a good project. Experts from ILNEDRO actively participated in regular coordination meetings, supervised the archiving of project documentation and controlled the work schedule. The documentation was verified on an ongoing basis in terms of the required regulations - construction law, standards, technical conditions.

Regular site supervision is an important element of the quality management system, which could not be omitted also in the case of our investment. Periodic inspections made it possible to track the progress of works, as well as to monitor the work schedule and risks.

No less important than the design documentation is the as-built documentation, which is a proof of the result of the completed and completed construction works. ILNEDRO carried out a thorough verification of as-built documentation in the field of architecture and sanitary ware.




If customer satisfaction is the measure of project success, we have definitely achieved it. The visual effect, which is mainly due to the designers from the Workplace studio, is delightful. It would not be possible without the openness and active participation of the Investor both in design works and meticulous selection of finishing materials at the implementation stage. We thank Ringier Axel Springer Polska and wish you satisfaction and pleasure from working in the new office space, which undoubtedly fosters creativity.



Photos Fotografia Kinga Skalik.



We believe that good project preparation is a guarantee of success. "Well begun is half done." - as Aristotle used to say. Thanks to our client's exceptional awareness of the importance of activities undertaken in the initial phase of the project, ILNEDRO joined the team and could participate in the process from the very beginning. On the part of the client, the project was meticulously supervised by Edyta Serafin and Krzysztof Nobis, who invaluably directed the process of creating the office, best understanding the needs of their employees.

Millions of Poles draw inspiration and knowledge every day by visiting their websites. Ringier Axel Springer Polska, or RASP for short, needs no introduction. It is one of the largest press publishers and media companies in Poland.

We are pleased that RASP, known for its highest standards, has trusted ILNEDRO. In this way, in December 2020, we joined the remarkable project of creating a new office of Ringier Axel Springer Polska in the V. Offices building at 29 November 20 in Krakow.

Ringier Axel Springer Polska Office w Krakow


Location: V.Offices, 29 listopada 20, Krakow

Year: 2021

Area: 4 300 sq m

Concept Design: Workplace

Design&build: Tetris