Last year, we also had the pleasure of working on the DPD Polska project in the implementation of a 7,000 m2 office at Mineralna Street in Warsaw. Our tasks included supervision and technical advice. We supported our client in the selection of material solutions. The scope of ILNEDRO has also included cross-industry coordination and verification of the work progress schedule. We have also taken part in multi-sector technical and final acceptances.


An equally important area of our activity that meets the expectations of customers, in particular individual ones, are technical and construction studies and analyses. In 2022, we have verified interesting cases of compliance of construction plans with with acts of local law. We  have also offered consulting and advice necessary for real estate transactions.



In conclusion, we would like to thank all our clients for their trust and cooperation in 2022. It is thanks to the services we provided to you that we were able to show some of our skills and competences.






Another interesting and extremely informative project for us in 2022 was consulting on the part of the Investor -

Merck & Co (MSD), in the construction of 4,280 m2 of office space in the Warsaw Trade Tower building in Warsaw.


The scope of our work included mainly cost and technical consulting throughout the project. We supported the Tenant and Designers in verifying cost estimates presented by bidders and participated in negotiations with the Investor and potential General Contractors. We have carried out inter-industry "value engineering", which enabled the selection of the most optimal design solutions.


ILNEDRO's tasks have also included advising and consulting projects in terms of content and technical solutions. The scope of work ended with the participation in acceptance of the surface and verification of multi-discipline protocols and as-built documentation.

Due to the fact that not everything is can only be described in dry statistics, below we briefly describe the projects of the year 2022 that are special to us and we can be proud to participate in them.



The jewel in the crown of this year was a project that we will remember for a long time. This project was the new headquarters of GetResponse and ClickMeeting in the Neon building, the part of the Alchemia office complex in Gdańsk. ILNEDRO represented and supported the client throughout the entire design and implementation process - from issuing opinions on the contract, through technical, financial and schedule supervision, to final acceptance and verification of as-built documentation.


Although the project was not easy due to the need to adapt the arrangement to work on the premises of two companies with different work organization at the same time, the customer's satisfaction and the final visual effect prove that the task was carried out at the highest level.


Thank you GetResponse and ClickMeeting for the opportunity to participate in such a unique project in such a well-coordinated project team 😊





Before we knew it, another year of ILNEDRO's activity has passed. Traditionally, as the turn of the year is conducive to reflection, we decided to summarize the last year of our work.


The year 2022 was marked by technical challenges, new projects as well as near and far trips related to expanding the scope of our business. And what better illustrates our actions than numbers? So let's start with them!


In 2022:


  • We have recorded an increase in revenue compared to 2021 by 32,7%.
  • We have covered with our supervision and technical advice the area of premises amounting to a total of 16 240 m2.
  • On the way to our customers, we have traveled 32 876 kilometers.
  • We have analyzed 37,243 m2 area of land properties.