Photos by Fotografia Kinga Skalik.

As ILNEDRO, we are proud of the achieved outcome and are delighted to have been able to accompany the team from Accace, the designers, and the invaluable Walter Herz team throughout the entire process from the very beginning. We began with local insights, which we consider essential for a full understanding of the project environment in which we operate. We prepared a specification that enabled precise determination of the technical and material solutions that should be considered by bidders during the tender process. ILNEDRO's specialists provided support to the client in verifying cost estimates and participated in the value engineering process, leading to the selection of the most optimal solutions, thereby generating significant cost savings. The tender process conducted by the landlord company, CPI, was won by NEO-ŚWIAT 2.0, which then rose to the occasion and carried out the fit-out implementation in an exemplary manner. In such an environment, the ongoing technical supervision of the works we conducted was a unique pleasure. As we finalized the investment, we participated in final inspections and took part in procedures to verify the rectification of defects.


We are pleased to have been involved in this unique project, where we could provide our full range of advisory and technical-cost support services. We thank Accace Sp. z o.o. for their trust and wish them many productive moments in their new office 😊






The process of selecting movable furniture, tailored for the comfort of employees and visually appealing, was another challenge that was superbly executed with the support of Olga Daszczyńska and Daniel Czajkowski from the company Lobos. Particularly noteworthy is the provision of electric desks in workspaces, allowing for height adjustment. They provide optimal conditions and help maintain a healthy lifestyle by reducing the risks associated with a sedentary work mode.


The office space, although small compared to the projects we usually work on, has been arranged in an ergonomic and optimal manner. The available space has been fully utilized, and every corner of it has been carefully considered and arranged with due diligence, resulting in a final effect of a comfortable and functional office. Personalization went a step further, and the decision was made to choose custom-made permanent furniture, tailored to the unique needs and work characteristics of individual departments.



Throughout the entire design process and implementation, the Accace team demonstrated exceptional attention to every detail, showcasing not only dedication but also a profound concern for the quality of office finishing. To soften the industrial character, lighting fixtures emitting light with a color temperature of 3,000 K – warm light – were used. Exposed concrete surfaces were paired with wooden accents, creating a dialogue between rawness and natural elements.

During the course of the design work led by Helikon and Magda Majerowska-Pukacz, each of these questions found an answer. The Accace team made a bold decision to showcase the intricately sculpted ceiling and confront the consequences it entailed. To mitigate the reduction of room height, ventilation and electrical installation were routed under a raised floor. The ceiling, along with its ribs, was repainted in a light gray color, brightening and visually enlarging the space. Acoustic panels were hung above workstations, serving both a decorative function and improving the acoustic comfort of the rooms. To complement the effect, greenery was introduced into the office environment, overseen by Milena Laskus and Paweł Koziński from GreenLIV. In addition to the selection and implementation of greenery, GreenLIV also executed striking hanging planters, the bottoms of which were finished with mirrored laminate.

Every project we have the pleasure to work on possesses unique characteristics that imprint themselves in our memory in a special way. Regarding the new office of Accace Sp. z o.o., a company offering innovative services in the areas of taxation, law, accounting, and payroll services, we can confidently say that its defining features will be functionality, attention to detail, and a fusion of past and future.


The Atrium Centrum building, where the new office is located, stands out with its unique facade and multi-story glazed atrium, leaving a lasting impression on those entering the building. Atrium Centrum boasts a unique location in the city center, excellent transportation connections, and proximity to Hala Mirowska. This historic hall serves as a reminder of the past, contrasting with the modern buildings of business-oriented Warsaw. It's no wonder that such an inspiring environment translated into the realized office space.



Upon first entering the unarranged space, our eyes were drawn to the distinctive reinforced concrete ceiling crisscrossed with beams throughout its surface, impossible to ignore. The space sparked many questions:


  • Should we showcase or conceal it? How should we conduct the installations?
  • If showcasing, how best to accentuate its character?
  • How to ensure acoustic comfort?

Accace Sp. z o.o. Office


Location: Atrium Centrum, al. Jana Pawła II 27, 00-867 Warsaw

Year: 2023

Area: 550 m kw.

Real estate agency: Walter Herz sp. z o. o.